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We're De Montfort's official video game society! We provide students with a friendly and social environment where they can make friends and find fellow gaming enthusiasts. We have access to the gaming labs in Gateway house which has alienware PCs. We use the PCs for Steam, and we use three projectors for console in the labs for multiplayer games and competitions. For more information please read our FAQ below!

Weekly Sessions held on Tuesdays, 6.00-9pm in Gateway House 6.31, followed by food and drinks at the Polar Bear.




A gaming society...that sounds great, but do you just sit around and play games?

Not really! We feel that when you come to university that if you wanted to sit around and play games then you could do that in your own time, why bother joining a club for it? We aim to bring a more social aspect to gaming through giving people the means to enjoy games with a variety of people. We have a Steam Cafe license which gives us and our members access to a wide variety of games for free that are available on the computers in the Gateway gaming labs. We also set up consoles on two to three projectors each week (any consoles at all - we have access to all Nintendo consoles, from the NES to the Wii U, in addition to PS2/3, Xbox 360 etc) for people to crowd around and play/spectate together. We host friendly competitions most weeks and competitive competitions with prizes provided to us by Valve and other companies on a monthly basis. We also have a social each month and go to the pub together every Tuesday evening. We're always open to suggestions, so if there's an event you want to happen or a certain game competition talk to us about it and we'll help you make it happen!

Okay, that sounds like my kind of thing. Where are you guys located and when do you gather?

Gaming Society takes place every Tuesday from 6-9 on the 6th floor of Gateway House (the building behind the SU/across from the security building) in room 6.31/6.32. Those are the large rooms filled with computers through the double doors you see as soon as you get out of the lift, in case you weren't sure.

What are the damages, how much does this cost?

We aren't a business so we keep costs as low as possible, this year we're asking that members pay £5 for the whole year which we will use to put money towards prizes/travel costs. This £5 pays for an entire years membership and gives you access to the gaming labs every Tuesday, in addition to entering as many of our competitions as you like throughout the year for free. You can purchase your membership here: (we're Demon Gamers (Video Gaming))

Do I have to be good at games to join?

No not at all! If you've never picked up a controller in your life you're welcome to join us, if you're a bit curious or just like games as a hobby rather than part of a career path then you're more than welcome to be with us. In fact, there's only two people on the committee who are attending games-related courses so please visit us no matter what your skill/experience level. We're always happy to meet new people and share the medium we love.

Do you guys attend any gaming events?

We certainly do! Each term we attend on average two of Loughborough Universities LANs which last from Fri-Sun (don't worry about accommodation, there's a sleeping area in the building) which is the UKs biggest student LAN. We organise travel to this and we try to make it free of charge, though sometimes we may have to ask for a couple of pounds per person if we have to book non-uni provided transport. You can take your own PC and food with you, although they always have a snack bar. We release details closer to the time, but please check out LSUCS video here for more info:

I have a complaint/suggestion. Who do I talk to?

If you're having a problem with any society members or have any suggestions please message one of the committee members.

Can you guys offer me any opportunities? I need to build my CV.

At the end of the year we always need a new committee, so if you keep involved and show us you're dedicated you'll have a great chance of being on the committee.

If you have anymore questions just drop us a message (you can join this group to ask any questions you may have ) We look forward to meeting you soon. Joining a society will be one of the best things you will do at University, even if it isn't ours be sure to join one! If you are unsure as to where Gateway House is, just message one of the committee and one of us will meet you and take you there.


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